Working During School

  1. Wondering if any former students or students now have found jobs while being in school and how may hours you worked? How did/do you balance your work/family/school time? The reason I ask is because starting in Jan. I will be in my last semester of an LVN program and wanted to start working pretty soon. I know some hospitals hire you on before you take the NCLEX but how early is too early to get a job?
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  3. by   Jules A
    I've worked all through school a min of 30 hours a week. It has forced me to be super organized. I have to study every chance I get, no time for blowing it off until tomorrow. My grades are good, mostly Bs with the occasional A. I'm old so I can't justify not working and living off my savings, that would be more stressful to me than juggling work and school.