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  1. Hi - Can someone tell me if there are a lot of word problems on the NET? Can someone give me the basic idea of how hard I should expect this exam to be? I am really worried about it! Thanks in advanced!
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  3. by   flygirls2
    What do you mean by word problems? I didn't find it hard, but a lot of people do--several people taking the test with me were re-taking it. If you study beforehand, it shouldn't be hard---but it all depends on you.
  4. by   Jamie-Sue
    You know the math problems where they want you to write a algebric equation? Like 2+(2c+d) or whatever. I am so bad at taking the sentence and making an equation from it. What key points do you feel I should pay attention to? I have a 3.9 GPA and have been studying for the last week for the exam and I am still so worried I just feel like if I do good on this exam, There will be nothing else I could have done. In the schools I am applying at A&P 1&2 are VERY important and I have done both and got A's in both. I have an excellent enterance essay and excellent references. If I pull a nice mark on the NLN then I've done everything I can and won't feel disappointed in myself if I don't get in, ya know?
  5. by   amyk_ncsu
    nevermind.... i thought you were talking about word problems in reading... sorry! The math was just basic algebra up to calculus. I dont remember any word problems, just equations.
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  6. by   amybethf
    Out of 60 problems, the last five were basic algebra, the rest being basic math but there weren't any story problems. FYI- the English was harder then the math - talk about 'word problems!'
    Good Luck - it's not that hard!
  7. by   Jamie-Sue
    I wrote a post somewhere else about this. The learning center at the school gave me a website to study that is based around the NLN. The amount of information is just ridiculous, I mean there is NO WAY that I will cover the information before the 11th. I bought the RN pre enterance exam review guide. Do you all think I should just spend my time on this book? I really don't know what else to do. When I use the website I am feeling stressed. Is there questions about medical math on there? I hope not because I haven't done that either!
  8. by   mysterious_one
    you might me talking about two different test here. Are you talking about the NET or NLN . The replies you got are for the NET. This is the test I took too, and it was very easy Math, the reading was what most people had proplems with. I had to repeat that section also. I ran out of time the first time around, English is my second language. I did better and past the sec. time. I don't know anything about the NLN, but I think that is a different test. I believe there is another thread regarding this test going on somewhere right now.
  9. by   Jamie-Sue
    I am taking the NLN. Man, I hope its not harder the the NET!!!
  10. by   mysterious_one
    on this other thread someone posted this website , National League for Nursing - Home Page maybe this will help you