Why did you choose nursing?

  1. I am currently doing a masters in education and am interested in finding out what motivated you to go nursing - was it knowing a nurse?, lots of hospitalisation? thoughts of helping people?

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  3. by   Glak
    My motivation to choose nursing was from my mom. My intent was to be an MD, but then favored nursing for the flexibility in hours and variety of areas. My mom was able to work part time while we were young and that was great!! I could see myself doing the same when I later had a family. Currently, I have it ALL-- a BSN, 3-12hr. shifts/wk in L&D, a wonderful husband, and two beautiful daughters!
  4. by   Ang
    I am currently considering changing my major to nursing. I started as a pre-med major. I am also interested in learning how others decided nursing was for them.
  5. by   hopewell
    I chose nursing because I truly wanted to spend quality time with my patients and their family. I feared at first that I would be looked down upon with nursing as a career, but I was wrong. The face of nursing is changing. I am proud to represent my patients and answer both their major and minor questions. Nursing is expanding with higher degrees available so that gives me confidence to out run the know-it-all physicians that refuse to even listen to nurses ideas or instinct. Nursing is highly professional and extremely flexible. I have no second thoughts about being a RN. We've moved away from doing just "bed pans and urinals" It's time for nurses to be recognized for their accomplishments. If I have a choice between my family doctor or nurse practioner, I will choose the practioner because you get the facts and the emotional support-besides, they're less expensive to visit. Nurses are healers and heroes! Love them all!
  6. by   charles
    I didn't know what to do when I graduated from high school a few years ago. So I thought about social work, law, politics, religion, and medicine.
    I picked Nursing because a relative of mine became bedridden due to Psoriatic Arthritis. She is 29 years old now and lives in a Nursing home. Seeing this happen to Kathleen, and spending time with her in the hospital...that is why I choose Nursing.

  7. by   cheldt
    My reason for nursing was due to my sisters and a elderly lady I cared for for 15 years.
    I have wanted to be a nurse for 22 years. But let fear get in my way. So here I am 4 months into my 1 veerrrrrryyyyy long year of school to become a LPN. My sister are both handicap. I always helped them when we was kids and still some now. But they both are married now so they don't need me much anymore. I have this great love for helping people. I love being around people. Thats why I did this.
  8. by   Netty
    I have two different answers to your question. First--While in high school, I worked as a CNA in our local nursing home. I loved it and I hated it. I developed many close relationships with our residents and looked forward to helping them each day I came to work. Yet, I felt overwhelmed with the difficulty of the type of work typical to the CNA job description. We worked short and care was often rushed. Well, when I looked at the RN I noticed that she was calmly sitting behind the desk, instructing me on things that still needed to be done before I could leave, and not getting up to help when we needed it so badly. So, I decided that I wanted to be in that position. It looked easy, relaxed, and you got all the benefits of being a CNA without all of the work. So I went to nursing school. NOW, I'm in my final semester of a BSN program and have over the course of the program changed my reasons for continuing with my education. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!! I learned that nursing is not always easy and relaxed. You are continually assessing each situation, keeping your mind open and alert for potential situations. You have to try to figure out what is going on before you have a situation. You get to interact with SO many different people each day, developing friendships, learning about new ideas, hearing about far away places. Yes, I realize that I have not gotten away from AM cares, bedpans, and heavy lifting--but I learned that most nurses don't. This does not matter to me anymore, because I am challenged by the other nursing responsibilites that I will have.
  9. by   RN27
    Why have I choosen nursing? For me, it has been a long journey. I completed a BA, and planned to follow a career in education. I changed my mind, I wanted a career that I could help people in dire need; emergency nursig, flight nurse. I put off going to nursing school because of social pressure. Being male, I did not know how going to nursing school would be accepted by my friend's, and family. So, I became an EMT instead, and I am working with the local fire department on call. Working in the pre-hospital setting has made me more sure than ever I want to go in to nursing.
  10. by   ALIJO
    I am in my last semester of my BSN degree. My mom and grandmother were both nurse aides. Anyone who has done this job knows what a hard job this is. When I asked my mom why she chose to stay with it she replied, "It is feeling like you made a difference in atleast one persons life on any given day." Now I agree. I can't imagine any profession more gratifying. The reward of nursing are priceless.
  11. by   runninfool1009
    Why Nursing? My mother was an RN...and a divorcee, raising four kids while in school, by herself! That was my initial motivation...Many years later, I would care for my mother while she was dying. Hospice was invaluable to me and my sisters in the care of my mom. I decided I wanted to be that source of comfort for others. So, I aspire to be that now! I am only 4 weeks into Nursing School, but I love it! Clinicals start next week...maybe I won't be quite so enthusiastic then
  12. by   medfieldgal
    I have always been in the medical field but on the administrative side, I always wanted a career in this field but could never figure out what I wanted to do. Recently, I had an emergency gallbladder surgery and had it removed. I was terrified..the nurses treated me so good and did everything in their power to make me feel at ease. I couldnt have gotten through it without them. I have always looked up to nurses. My present job is currently in the layoff stage and I feel like the time is now. I want to make a difference in someones life to show them I care and to give back. What better way?
  13. by   J9G2008
    In 2006 my son was born with Pierre Robin sequence, which led to many surgeries and tests. Always, always, a nurse was the one who would pray with me, or get me information, or make me laugh, or bring me books during one really LONG hospitalization with my boy. Plus, with all the stuff my son taught me to do (turning distractor pins, trach care, g-tube, oxygen, etc) I figured I could do it for someone else's kid. There's no point in walking through the fire if you don't turn back and help someone else out of it, too.
  14. by   .....RN
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