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  1. i do the assignment now, but i dont know how to do?

    could u mind helping me to solve the problem?

    the question is

    could imogene king's theory of goal attainment apply to your accurent practice setting??

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  3. by   Daytonite
    king's theory of goal attainment for nurses has four parts:
    1. assessment phase - the nurse and patient begin to interact and communicate with each other as well as to make judgments about each other
    2. planning phase - the nurse begins to identify problems and concerns that the patient has through the interactions with him. together they formulate goals to resolve these problems and concerns and work on possible solutions.
    3. implementation phase - the plan developed is put into action with the focus being the achievement of the goals
    4. evaluation phase - the final step of the process in which the nurse and patient both decide whether or not goals were or were not achieved
    how does this apply to my current practice setting? well, here in the u.s., most places focus on the nursing process. the nursing process is very similar to king's goal attainment theory. it also involves four steps:
    1. assessment
    2. planning
    3. implementation
    4. evaluation
    i believe that the major difference is that king focuses on the relationship that develops between the patient and nurse. she clearly states that in her theory the patient and the nurse reach decisions in all the four phases of her goal attainment process together. so, the interpersonal interaction between the patient and the nurse is critical to her theory. this is not necessarily true of the way the nursing process is practiced in reality--at least not here in the u.s. we assess the patient, plan and implement care based on what we observe about the patient. gaining patient agreement and cooperation is usually an afterthought. i'm not sure how nurses practice in hong kong.

    i hope that is helpful for you. i'm usually not good with these nursing theory questions, but i do happen to know a little about king's theory.

    welcome to allnurses!
  4. by   sanny_ahlin
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  5. by   Daytonite
    i realize that i didn't finish answering your question!

    for your assessment with the patient you will need to sit down with the patient and speak with him/her. during that time you want to learn as much as you can about the patient as well as develop an interaction with them. i can give you some web links where you can develop a list of the kind of information you should be getting from the patient. basically, the patient assessment can be divided into two major parts:
    • what the patient tells you (their history)
    • what you observe
    you ask the patient about any problems they might have had with the major physiological systems of their body as you go through those systems one by one. it is best when you are first learning to do this, to have a list in front of you so you don't forget anything. you want to ask the patient about past illnesses and treatments. you should check out this thread on allnurses which has links to information about doing patient assessment:
    https://allnurses.com/forums/f205/he...ms-145091.html - health assessment resources, techniques, and forms (in nursing student assistance forum)

    other links you can check out for information:

    http://md-do.org/files/physical/h&ptempl.doc - this is a template that lists the elements of the history and ros that should be addressed

    (a practical guide to clinical medicine) - how to do a history of the present illness

    (a practical guide to clinical medicine) - other items you need to collect from a patient's history

    http://www.training.seer.cancer.gov/module_cancer_terminology/unit05_sec01.html - this is a very simple explanation of the history collecting process part of the physical examination process

    http://www.stbarnabashospital.org/fp/sampleh&p.doc - this is a guideline as to how the results of a history, review of systems and physical examination should be written up.

    http://www.charlesgarciamd.com/files...ms_form_1_.pdf - a simple review of systems form

    http://www.arlingtonortho.com/downloads/review1.pdf - another sample of a review of systems form