where did you take your CPR?

  1. I am wondering if it makes a difference or not? Do you have to have a specific one like Red Cross etc?
    Was it difficult? Any tips or was it just one more hoop to jump through. I am taking my CPR course on the 22 of June . This course is good for 2 years.
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  3. by   micro
    american red cross and american heart association are the two providers........
    you then have your CTC's, but everyone that provides cpr must teach from the current AHA guidelines.....
    american red cross teaches under the precepts of aha, so ideally there shouldn't be any difference in what is being taught....

    the part about being good for two years.....is a change within @ the last five yrs.....it used to be a requirement to redo every year, but that doesn't mean that many instructors do not feel that every year is still the ideal just for refresher...
    you then have your individual instructor's style, but the information and current BCLS changes will be taught uniformly.......

    have fun with class, BCLS is knowledge and hands on, but you can relax and learn at the same time.......
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  4. by   amblessing
    I took the American Heart Association's Basic Life Support for healthcare providers. It also included training with AED's. It was an 8 hour course and we had to do a skills test for the instructor and pass a written exam. It was fairly easy. A lot of common sense material, I thought. Mine is good for 2 years, but my school requires us to get re-certified every 12 months. Your school should be able to tell you which one they require.
  5. by   Lisa2902
    Our school has all the 1st year RN students take CPR approximately 3-4 days before classes start. I think its American Heart Association.