What's the most efficient way to get my BSN?

  1. I am currently a junior, majoring in anthropology at the University of Florida. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I am now not allowed to take science courses because of my less-than-average grades when taking classes during my first two years in trying to major in biology. I really want to be a nurse and my original plan was to graduate with a BS in Anthropology and thereafter, continue to an Accelerated BSN program. I have knocked out the majority of nursing prerequisites when majoring in biology. I still have about 5-6 more classes to take for nursing pre-reqs, and i plan on taking them at a community college the summer after my graduation, but of course, before the accelerated program. is this the MOST efficient way (in terms of the poor economy and time management) to get a BSN? Please help! THanks!
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  3. by   Valmondy
    Hey, she.b!
    Since you have 6 more gen.ed. classes to take - take them. Meanwhile you can start looking around for schools. Most of them have waiting lists. Remember, different schools have different pre-reqs for entering into the program.
    Since you do not have a Bachelors, you have these options:
    1. Get LVN - about 1.5 to 2 years in private schools
    Then you can get into a bridge program LVN-BSN (about 1.5 year)
    2. Get ASN (RN license included) - 2 years at community college
    3. Go straight for BSN will take you about 3 years.
    I hope it was helpful.
  4. by   she.b.
    thanks for the reply Valmondy! i plan on finishing with a bachelors and hopefully after, ill get into an accelerated program. If my calculations are correct...the time i spend getting a BSN vs. an ASN will be the same. Now to convince my parents.... =]
  5. by   Valmondy
    Exactly! I am in a similar boat. Once you have past college credits and you are done with pre-reqs for nursing program it takes the same amount of time to complete BSN. So, yes you pay more money for university rather than community college, but in my opinion, it it worth it. You get your Bachelor and an RN license.
    Go for it!!!