What's everyone taking next semester? - page 4

Hey everyone, just wondering what everyone else was taking next semester. It'll be my second semester of nursing school, 6th semester of college.. I'm taking Pediatrics and Maternal-Newborn, split... Read More

  1. by   Trans-am
    This will be my 1st semester and i wil be taking pharmacology, health assesment, foundations of nursing and clinical nursing 1.
  2. by   allysh223
    I'll be taking Pharmacology, Health Assessment, Principles of Nursing Care, Writing in Nursing, and have my first clinical. I'm two years into a four-year program. =)
  3. by   carolinapooh
    Second semester of a four-semester, 16 month ABSN: Pharmacology, Adult Health Nursing (this is what everyone else calls Med-Surg; I'll be on an ENT/Plastics floor - already got the clinical assignments), Mental Health Nursing, and Applied Statistics. I'm also working on a hep B research paper with a faculty member, which will get me credits toward my applied research class that I have next fall.
  4. by   hannahkay816
    3rd of 4 semesters ADN program:
    Peds/OB II
    Mental Health
    Med/Surg II

    Each class will be 5 weeks long!! Can't wait!
  5. by   NY Nurse
    2nd semester
    First half will be OB
    Second half will be Psychology
  6. by   SoulShine75
    3rd semester (2nd half of med-surg & psych) and micro.
  7. by   maliat
    Pathophysiology and Professional Nursing II (Fundamentals) Lecture & Clinical. It will be 8 credits total. I'm too lazy to bother to take enough credits to be full time. It'll be hard enough to just my nursing classes.