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  1. Hi everyone, I'm at the end of my first semester! A few weeks back a fellow student came up to me and offered me to purchase narcotics in front of another student, I turned her into the instructor,thinking this was the "ethical",right thing to do,later that afternoon, another student turned her into another instructor of the dept. of nursing as well. We've both filled out statements as to what has happened in the situation. Now the Assistant to the Dean of the college tells me that in order for them to do anything to this person she (the Deans's Asst.) has to show the accused our statements with our names on them so she knows who has turned her in. Because of a fear for my safety at the college I attend I opted not to have this person see my statement , because they can not gurantee my safety while I am on campus, therefore they will only give her a warning and a slap on the wrist.

    Since when does a Drug dealer have a right to know who turns them into the police? Would this happen in a hospital if an LPN or RN was taking Meds out of the med room for his or her own personal use?
    Thanks .
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  3. by   GPatty
    Wow. I've never had to deal with such an issue. Can they not cover your names and show her the statements? As proof that someone DID turn her in? Sounds kind of creepy to me.
    I'm not sure I'd want this person to know I did it either....
    Good Luck to you!
  4. by   kimmicoobug
    You certainly did the right thing. Makes me wonder if she is also using. As far as telling you that they have to show your name and your statement seems unfair, to me. I agree that the student does have a right to know about the complaint, but that doesn't protect you and your rights. That is almost like punishing you for doing the right thing, because this person may be violent or may cause your life to be h*ll if she stays in the program. Good luck to you in this ordeal
  5. by   boydsluvr2002
    Thanks for your replies, the school says it is her right to see who submitted the statements against her and the names on them. But I refuse to let her see that it was me so . I will do as the old saying goes"Let go and Let God".
    I have finals starting on Monday and need to focus on them.
    Thanks again!