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  1. by   glascow
    In the ICU I work, we make sure every patient has some type of GI prophylaxis, usually Protonix.
    Pt's recieving steroids are at extremely high risk for GI bleed. All critically ill pts are also at high risk d/t stress ulcers.
    Unfortunately, many GI bleeders are not admitted with that problem, but end up with it. I guess it could be considered a noscomial condition.
  2. by   lynn1967
    I never understood when people would say that, "Youll never forget the smell" but now I know. To me it smells like a really bad UTI??? or a woman with RC. Ewwww.
  3. by   SirJohnny

    - Just wanted to say thanks for all of your replies.

    John Coxey