What should I do?

  1. I took my boards on wednesday the 27th, spent the next two days stressed to the max. I was soo worried. When i took the nclex exam, the computer shut off at 85 questions, and it only took me 45min. I didn't have any med calculations, no culture questions, and mainly priority questions. i wanted to scream at the computer, I thought for sure I had failed. But I was so happy to have my husband call me at work on friday to tell me that I passed!!! Now I am having to threaten my place of work that I will find another job because the hospital I work at has done away with hiring any new LPN's in the whole hospital, except on my unit, and the LPN's still employeed in the rest of the hospital are doing CNA work. I meet with the director of my unit and my nursing manager on wednesday to see what they are going to offer me. I am glad they do not want to lose me, but I am also afraid that what has happened to the rest of the LPN's will happen to me also. I feel i deserve to work as an LPN, I have earned the title, and spent the last year of my life neglecting my family. I am continuing on for my RN, which they have said I will move up to when I pass those boards, but I do not want to end up working as an aide for the next year. I want the experience as an LPN. I just don't know if I should keep my part-time status, and look for a LPN position as PRN somewhere else or stay and take the LPN position. It drives me nuts to know that the hospital is doing away with LPNs. Please Help and tell me what you think. thanks for reading my long venting!
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    It is hard to know what to do - if you like the facility and "know the ropes" staying there while you go to school will be less stressful, even if you are doing aid work. On the other hand you are an LPN and should be allowed to work as such. I guess I would go with my heart - that is the only way you will be satisfied either way. Good luck making a decision, it will be a hard one.
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    Thanks for the reply. I go tomorrow to discuss what they are going to offer me. I really need the money, I am paying for school myself, and my husband's job has cut back their hours, so the pay increase would be wonderful, we are not even really making ends meet from one check to the next, and add the money it takes to go to school and clinical 4 days a week plus daycare. I just wish I had a clear cut choice to make. One question, does life EVER really get any better?!