what school to choose?

  1. guys it very hrd here in hawaii to even get into a school. my situation puts me in a hard spot where if i dont get accepted to one school then i have other routes i can go but i pay a big hefty price in tution to go to that school.

    here is my situation, i would appreciate it if you gave me your feedback....

    1)...Kapiolani community college...ok currently i am taking my pre-req's for a ADN program in a community college. this CC i think requires you to have a 3.5GPA and take your NLN and score a 95 or higher, to even be considered for acceptance. each sememster 200 people apply and only 40 are chosen. tutiton cost is very low about $1500 for a full time student and this includes books.

    i am discouraged because people with good grades have not gotten accepted and it is very weird that the 40 peopel that gets accepted half of them drop out of the program , maybe it is too hard or they cant afford not going to work because the program is very time consuming, mon-fri clinicals and class room lectures.

    once you get into this school you will only need to maintain a C average or pass yoru nursing classes with a c or better.

    after graduating i would have spent about $8000-$10,000 this includes books and tutition.

    2)...university of hawaii... ok this university is hard to get into because they require a 3.7 GPA for them to even consider you and you have to score a 95 score or better in your NLN. this program will take about 2-3 years after pre-req's and co-req's. once your in the program you only need to maintain a c average or pass all your classes with a c or better.

    also not too many people are accepted , 200 apply and about 40 people get accepted. this school doesnt have too much of a drop out rate ebcause it is not demanding and people usually work partimte jobs or have full time jobs while attending school.

    after graduating i would haev spent about $25,000-$28,000 , this includes books and tution.

    3...hawaii pacific university...this school doesnt require you to take a NLN and all credit are transferrable with no time limits on courses taken even though it is 15 year ago. this school accept you into there nursing program just as long as your GPA from the transferring school is 2.75 or higher. also this school only requires you to maintain a 2.5 or higher GPA while your in teh program.

    but.....this school is a private school and it cost $651 per credit and most nursing course are 5 credits each class. full tiem nursing student pay about $7500per semester and this is without books and it takes about 5-6 semesters to finish the school of nursing.

    when i do graduate from this school i will be in debt about $50,000-$54,000 this amount includes books and tutition.

    so which school woudl be the best choice or route to go?

    i need your help, sorry if my grammar is off, but i am writing this from work and i am trying to write this as fast as i can.

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  3. by   RedSox33RN
    I would apply to all of them. I applied to 5 this past semester. I think applying to more increases your chances of getting a spot. Then if you do get accepted to more than one, you can weigh the pluses and minuses of each. There is no rule that says you can't apply to all of them. It just costs more money because of application fee's. I think I paid $25 to 4 colleges, and one was $30.

    Have you taken pre-req's at some of them already? That is a good place to start too. A lot of nursing programs now, due to the large number of applicants, like to see a good portion of the pre-req's already completed, like A&P, English, Microbiology, etc. In fact, some of the community colleges around our area won't even look at your application unless you have 75% of the pre-req's completed. I think that helps them weed out those who aren't serious, or those that can't pass things like A&P and Micro with at least a B (a requirement for the nursing programs here).

    It takes a lot of organization, but get all the information you can from each college, get copies of your transcripts (HS and college), copies of the NLN (if you've taken it) and make a folder for each college and keep track of any correspondence/emails you have with each. It is really helpful to do this, especially if you do apply to more than one place. Especially since pre-req's probably will be different for each place, you can easily see where you would stand with each place.

    Good luck!