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I'm going into 3rd semester and the second half of clinical is our psych rotation. I have absolutely no idea what is really expected of us during this rotation besides therapeutic communication. Can... Read More

  1. by   Clarise
    I enjoyed my psych rotation. We were at a run-down state run facility with clients who had been there for years and many of them will be there for the rest of their lives. The facility was gross - old, dirty, reminded me many times of a prison (I used to work in one). The patients had all sorts of diagnoses, the most 'popular' ones were schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and schizoaffective disorder.

    What my group and I did to make it more interesting and hone in on our diagnosing abilities (not that we diagnose as nurses, but whatever), was to sit and speak with a client in private for as long as the client would talk to us, or until it was no longer productive. After they left, we would discuss them in private and all try and figure out what they 'had'. Then we would look at the chart to see if we were right. 9/10 we were correct.

    Our instructor was laid back and gave us leeway in deciding what we wanted to do. We explained to him our system and he agreed it was a great learning tool. Plus we had no preconceived notions about the client. We spoke with them at length, gave them lots of therapeutic communication and someone to listen to their concerns.
  2. by   BoonersmomRN
    I forgot to say that we wen't given clinical 'assignments" - we were allowed to talk to any and all clients we wanted to. We had only 1 other rule on the floor and that was that we were NOT allowed to look into the chart of a client until AFTER we had spoken with them. Our instructor wanted us to see how much of what we gathered...fit into what the chart said when we read it afterwards...it was interesting!
  3. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    My psych rotation pretty much was a waste of time. I was on an medium security forensics unit (lock-down unit) with two other students. Our clinical instructor had us spread out over about 4 units, so she was constantly running around, and we never saw her. The staff on the unit had no interest in us being there, and never left the nursing station. We were told not to discuss with the patient any of their issues b/c that was specifically the job of the MD & their RN during their daily/weekly chats. I spent about 12 clinical days in a back room reading charts b/c was the only thing the unit staff felt we should be doing. What a waste of time. Other students in my class were on a geriatric floor, and did mostly CNA type stuff. Other students in my class were on a Long Term treatment floor, and basically ran little fun sessions with the patients (painting nails, crafts, etc.).
  4. by   ICURN08
    I just finished my psych rotation. Most of the time, the focus was on SAFETY - safety for the client as well as for you. And it seemed like a lot of "baby-sitting" time as well. Not bad, but not as hands-on as the Med/Surg or Tele floors.
  5. by   kr74079
    wow, I stumbed across this posting...and just in time. I am starting my psych rotation in a couple of weeks and I too was nervous about it. I work in a hospital setting so I already know that every patient has a psych component on some level, that in itself made me feel better and realize the importance of this part of clinicals. The multiple postings of positive comments has also helped. Thanks
  6. by   atwtrn
    I haven't actually had my rotation yet. HOWEVER, my friend Ash who just finished her rotation had a lot to say about it. Most of the time they played games and participated in group therapy. In one instance she had to say with a straight face.."Now Sir, I know you as John Doe, not as Jesus Christ." In the second week she was told by the doc to stay out of certain patients rooms b/c they had expressed the desire to have sexual relations with her. I'm hoping my rotation is fun but I don't want to be constantly afraid of violent patients...where's the damn haldol? lol:spin: