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I will be starting my 2ND semester of the 1ST year in the spring. Does anyone have any input on this part? Will it be a little more interesting than this beginning stuff was? The history of nursing... Read More

  1. by   Danielle4
    This first question is directed to Brown Suga-
    I noticed you are from Peoria, AZ and so am I.
    I am contemplating going to nursing school and I was wondering where you are going and if you like it?

    I am debating to go to nursing or PA school and with all the special deals they have I am seriously thinking about nursing school as I love dealing with patients and the clinical side of it.

    My only draw back is I am uncertain if I would truly make a good nurse as sometimes smells bother me. is that something I could get over? Does any one have any incite as to what they think about that? I think I would do okay, but I am unsure. Should I become a CNA first to see if I can handle that? If I can or cannot how would that reflect if I wanted to do nursing?
    Can you give me an idea of different fields I might be able to go into in nursing?

    I am thinking even maybe pharmaceudical industry maybe. Would I be able to do that with a nursing degree?
    I do not want to give shots all day or clean up bed pans as a career. Please help clarify for me what to expect.

    Thank you!