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I'm currently a first year in a 4 year BSN program. We are still just working on pre-nursing science courses and such. I'm excited about actually nursing classes...but I've heard horror stories. What... Read More

  1. by   WDWpixieRN
    4th hurdle: physical stress against your body. You are exposed to so many germs at your clinical. You also hold your bladder & bowels all day because you haven't time to take a break in the 8 hrs your on the floor. You go without eating or drinking anything some days. There is also heavy lifting of patients and people. You are free labor for the hospitals and they take the advantage.

    6th Hurdle: Life's unpredictable events...three of my classmates have lost a family member to death. Some have gotten pregnant, some lost lost jobs, some have gone through divorce etc.
    I don't agree with #4 in my case....I am really, really happy in the hospital we are assigned to....the techs are grateful we're there and we get thanked often when we're heading out the door -- genuinely....there's a bathroom right in the middle of the rooms, so there's no excuse for bladder/bowel problems...and we HAVE to take a lunch as I understand the nurses on the floor are required to do...I hope you don't find it to be like #4 when you start school....it sounds terribly scary, huh?

    As for #6, as we are almost midway through our second semester (Ohmigod, really?!?! Time is FLYING and I don't believe it), one gal has lost her father, another good friend is PG, and the younger ones are dealing with various boyfriend issues....I imagine the remainder of the semester and next year's will bring many other "life" issues to our small family....you can get terribly tied to the folks you are in school with, because unlike taking a "class", you are tied to these people for 4 semesters or more....try to be kind (to yourself and others) and insist on being treated kindly....you won't regret that....
  2. by   Lori RN_09_2b
    I'm also in a 4 yr program--am now in year 2. I was nervous going into the actual nursing classes and clinicals--and some days, I'm STILL scared!

    The thing that gets me through nursing school every time I get frustrated and want to quit are my fellow students. No matter what I'm feeling, I can always count that there are a bunch of other people feeling the same way. You get very close to your fellow students, and it really helps to relieve the stress by talking things out.

    I'm sure you'll do great! The first year with prereqs isn't a lot of fun but next year, I bet you'll love it! At least most of the time.
  3. by   JoniL&DRN
    Well I'm in 3rd semester now so I guess I can offer something about nursing school...

    It's not easy, but I wouldn't say that's it's impossible either. It's logical and doable, though different. Time management is important and I've found that for me at least, it's important to stay connected with the outside world ;o) I go church every week (and never study on Sunday). I go out with my husband once every 6 weeks or so. I go to whatever functions of my children I can go to. I try to stay human though nursing school does consume my thoughts a good portion of the time.

    First semester I too obsessed about my grade(s). Letting go of that 4.0 was tough (especially since I was only a few points from the elusive A). Second semester was tough because we were learing OB, Peds and Psych simultaneously, but the instructors were all very vested in the subject matter and their enthusiasm made it wonderful! Third puts it all together I think (oh so that's why we did that...). Fourth I can only imagine ;o)

    The thing I will say about nursing school is that while it's much more time consuming than pre req's but I'd still rather do it any day. I've made the best friends I'll probably ever have (stress will bond to one another that way). The best part though is what I've learned about myself. Even at age 32, when I thought I was 'all grown up', I've found that nursing school has made me a stronger and better rounded person...

    Good luck :flowersfo