What grossed you out the most in nursing school? - page 4

I'm starting nursing school in June and I'm curious what grossed you out or surprised you the most the first time you did it. For example, I imagine that it will be hard for me to put in a catheter... Read More

  1. by   goodknight
    Burns are really the only thing that gets me. But gosh, if I see a bad burn you can count me out. Literally.
  2. by   Ginyer
    One word...impaction.
  3. by   Mariposa19
    I can stand the sight/feel of just about anything. But smells get to me. The first time I had to clean up after a C diff patient, I almost lost it. Bedpans are worthless!
  4. by   shape0fmyheart
    I can't stand vomit, or the smell that comes from trachs. I also hate the sound of suctioning sputum...
  5. by   tamar2007
    Quote from elizabells
    All I can say is thank the lord I'm going direct-entry and only have to do ten total med-surg shifts ever in my whole life! Blechhhhh.

    And also - what are 'loogies' :imbar ? I might be the only one on earth that doesn't know.....but then I didn't start clinicals yet, so please tell me what those 2 things are.