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I hate breakfast. More to the point, I hate mornings and the last thing I want to do is cook something. Unfortunately, eating little to no breakfast is incompatible with nursing school. Too often, I... Read More

  1. by   CaliforniaPoppy
    I'm a breakfast person, and even I find it tough to eat when I get up at 4:45 am! I find the Trader Joe's instant oatmeal blend (it's organic and has a bunch of different grains & flax etc. in it) super quick & easy & just enough volume to fill me without overfilling. I drop a handful of pumpkin seeds into the bowl before I pour on the boiling water, for some protein; then a more than generous dollop of maple syrup before I eat it (if I have to get up that early, I am NOT counting calories!).

    I slip packets of nuts/trail mix into my scrub pockets (also from Trader Joe's - perfect size for a quick munch so you don't end up with pockets full of loose granola by the end of the day), a mozzarella stick, a cookie or anything else that fits and can be eaten quickly without making too much of a mess. I find that having a bite here and there, whenever I can, keeps my blood sugar stable and I don't get mean by lunchtime.

    For school days, breakfast is usually leftovers; if you get in the habit of making a bit more food for dinner than you need, you always have a decent breakfast waiting for you the next day with little effort beyond reheating it. If you can't digest well first thing in the morning, have a few bites at home, nibble as you drive to school, and plan on eating more during breaks rather than waiting for lunch. Basically, stretch breakfast from O-disgusting-hundred -hour in the morning to about 11.

    The person who suggested keeping food in the car for after clinicals (or classes) was spot-on too! I find I am more likely to cook a decent dinner when I don't arrive home famished; otherwise I end up having something instant or eating PB&Js, and never bothering with a good meal.

    With the new semester underway, I am actually having fun coming up with decent lunches to pack for days on campus. My favorite so far has been leftover frittata - with a layer of potato as the base, meat & veggies in the middle and topped with cheese. It can be eaten with my fingers like a sandwich, tastes good at room temp, and is as healthy as I feel like making it. Oh, and I eat more apples if I cut them up ahead of time...I feel like a toddler but I'm eating apples and cheese for my snack rather than processed foods! ;-)
  2. by   riverlands
    I have severe, horrible, fight or flight AM nausea. Like crippling level. Makes it so hard to eat breakfast. But I also get hypoglycemic if I don't eat. What has saved me is a product called Almased. It is a soy yogurt honey protein shake powder from Germany. Supposed to be for weight loss...mix it up with some skim milk or ice water, add cocoa or cinnamon and blend if I feel like it, has 27 g protein and a ton of B vitamins. I get it on Amazon. It enabled me to eat breakfast and not throw up at 0530. I cant explain how much i love it. Has no artifical sweeteners either. I have been drinking this stuff for 10 years + !!!!!