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  1. by   mommy_xo
    i second the user suesquatch's opinion. i ordered my Littmann Cardiology III from steeles.com as well! i was debating between allheart.com and steeles.com, but went with steeles because they offer laser engraving on the actual bell for an additional $15. allheart.com offered personalization on the stethoscope tubing, which i wasn't too fond of.

    my school's recommendation was the cardiology III. our first clinicals begin in med/surg too
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  2. by   Newbie Nurse SMP
    Hi everyone!

    Thank you to all who have responded. I am really stuck between the Littmann Cardiology III and Series II SE. Steeles.com does a nice comparison chart for all their scopes. The Cardiology is listed under Cardiology/High Performance Adult and Pediatric as its main application where as the Series II Se lists Physical Assessment /Diagnosis as its main application.

    I want a scope that I will hear everything I need to hear as clearly as possible. I am leaning towards the Cardiology III. Has anyone used both? Did you hear a noticable difference? Do you think that I could get away with the the Series II SE or should I spring for the Cardiology?

    Also is says that the Cardiology is good for Pediatric patients also...has anyone seen that to be true.

    Everything is so expensive (tuition, books, uniform, etc) that I am trying to make an informed / economical decision.

    Hope to hear from you soon.. :typing
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  3. by   Roseyposey
    I have the Littman Lite and I hate it. As soon as my bank account recovers from Christmas and tuition, I'm buying myself an early graduation present and getting the Cardio III.
  4. by   SuesquatchRN
    Quote from *SMP* FUTURE RN
    Everything is so expensive (tuition, books, uniform, etc) that I am trying to make an informed / economical decision.
    Of all these expensive items, the steth is the only physical thing you'll take with you to work.

    Make the investment in the Cardiology III.