What are some good nursing schools in San Antonio Texas

  1. I am currently in the military and am moving to San Antonio in a stable position that will allow me to finally pursue my goal of becoming a nurse. I just need to know of some good schools in the area. Help, please!
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  3. by   mdwRN
    Take a look at UTSA (University of Texas San Antonio)! It's a nice campus. Also there is a community college system too. Good luck!
  4. by   neelyt
    thank you for the information, I have looked at their site and have been told by several people here that it is a good school also. I believe that is going to be the place I apply along with other schools that I might find in the area. Thank you once again. //Clueless in Afghanistan//
  5. by   jeannet83
    Neelyt, Congratulations on your decision to go into nursing. Sounds like the AF is going to pay your way so I think that is great! Good luck to you! I didn't know that there was a University of Texas in San Antonio. I have been looking at the University of Texas at Houston for grad school and I know they come highly recommended so I imagine that the San Antonio site does as well. Good luck-Jeanne
  6. by   girlfromtx
    Delurking here to say that I go to UTSA. I am finishing up my all of my pre-req's here, however you don't actually get your nursing degree here. For that, you have to get accepted in University of Texas Health and Science Center San Antonio (UTHSCSA). Hope that helps .
  7. by   neelyt
    Hey there girl from Texas, I found that I will take my prereqs there. I would like to know if you could tell what prereqs did you take and what would you take as far as classes. Just curious as I need to finish them this year. The Air Force will pay my tuition but not books so could you give me a heads up on how much it will cost for books for full courses each semester. Thanks, Tom.
  8. by   girlfromtx
    Well I can say after switching majors twice that I have many of the pre-reqs out of the way except for the "real" nursing pre-reqs which I have just started this summer session. For just my anatomy and anatomy lab books, and my nutrition book, my bill was $194! I was shocked. Have you been able to look at the course catalog book that has all of the pre-reqs for the nursing program at UTHSCSA?
  9. by   neelyt
    I got something online for the prereqs. I am going to setup a course path for my courses so I can manage the courses better and figure how long it will take me to complete my prereqs. Tom.
  10. by   chiefswife
    Depending on what type of degree you are looking for, there is also San Antonio Community College (SAC) that offers a two year degree. I would also look into the Baptist Health System, they offer both an LVN and and RN program. For the RN program, you have to have your pre-reqs done before applying. Another community college in San Antonio, Palo Alto Community College, is affilliated with Texas A&M Galveston and after completing your pre-reqs, I think you can get your BSN there.

    Good Luck! Let me know how you like San Antonio! It's my home town, but right now, home is where ever the Army says it is!