were you and alternate for NS? I need encouragement!

  1. I am 3rd alternate for RN school in August (currently about to finish my LPN) and I'm just really nervous I won't get in. The people running the program say it's highly likely, and one told me she knows of one student "unofficially" declining the seat, so that puts only one person in front of me.
    I just have so many things to get done between now and the second week of August and I'm so scared that I will bust my tail, and then still not get in I'm really disappointed because I felt like I was finally going to get into RN school after all these years of not quite having everything in place. The really frustrating part is that the school is not accepting my nutrition, which cost me a full 10 pts and a locked seat. I'm fighting it because it was a BSN required class and this is an ADN school, so it should be good enough, but if they won't take it I have to wait for someone to drop to get in .
    Anyway, I'd love to hear stories of people who made it in from the alternate list! I know for our LPN program they were adding/dropping people for the first two weeks and we probably have 5 students that were originally alternates.
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