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Does anyone know of any vitamins or herbs that make people calm or have more energy ? :confused:... Read More

  1. by   bernie54
    I have an acquaintance friend who owns a nutritional healing clinic on the East Coast and she is also certified to test your blood. She's found that people who use some of those whole food green combination supplements that have chlorella, spirulina, wheat grass, purple dulse sea weed, etc. in it have the healthiest blood around...Interesting. I've done that testing. I eat too many sweets. It shows that I have a yeast problem. My blood showed these spidery web like things in the blood. I recently heard of another way to tell if you have an overgrowth of yeast. Prepare a glass of water the night before and put on your night stand. Then upon rising, spit a big one in a clear glass of water. Between 15 minutes to one hour later, you may see this hideous thing with tentacles or little floaty cloud things in the water. That means you have a yeast problem. A friends told me she did this. She was freaked out by the very long tentacles in the water.

    I've also been using a great B12 sublingual that has been giving me more energy and lifting my spirits. It's great and was formulated by an M.D.
  2. by   whistle19

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    >I just starting using adult multivitamin and it has ginseng and >ginko. It is target brand, working pretty good for me."

    Careful with that. I found that ginseng and ginko were raising my BP and were counteracting my hypertension meds.