Venting some frustration...........

  1. dfjkejrifjajf jgkmvkaj, this was how I felt after coming out of my patho exam last night, a whole lot of NOTHING.
    I've studied all weekend for the exam but I still don't think I did well . And right after the exam, I talked with some of my classmates and they were all complaining how hard the exam was and none of them thought they did well either, which made me even more worried. I really wanted to pull an A out of this class, but from the looks of things, an A is definely out of the question.
    What makes me feel worse is that one of my better classmates told me that she think she had failed this CLASS and may need to take it over again next semester. She had already drop a class b/c she wasn't going to pass that class (>=78% to pass class) and she even hinted the thought of quitting nursing school altogether.
    What should I do???
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  3. by   sjb2005
    Hang in there. Wait for the actual results. This how they prep you for the real nurses life. Learn to then be a successful nurse. Hope you did better than you expected.
  4. by   Jessy_RN
    Glad you vented. Hopefully, you can relax and take it easy. Don't assume a grade until you get the results. You are just going to make yourself mad.

    I am sure you did not do as bad. Good luck.

    Tell your friend that 1 bad exam should not be sufficient to consider dropping out. Remind her of the TONS of people who are on waiting lists eager to fill a spot. She should cling to it and who cares if she graduates last.........but will graduate.

    Call me selfish but I am TOO eager to do this that nothing is stopping me now, except for the good Lord of course.