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  1. Hello Everyone, (or Hi ya'll as we say)

    Is anyone currently attending USA either the regular BSN program or the accelerated course? I am starting my prereqs in Jan 03 and I plan on starting Nursing in May 03 (Summer courses).

    Is anyone planning to attend USA either the regular BSN program or the accelerated course?

    Send me a pm or just let me know here.

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  3. by   ashse
    I will probably go there for the bridge RN to BSN program after I finish the ADN program I'm currently enrolled in. UWF also has a similar program so that is another possibility for me but I think USA has a better reputation.

    I'd be curious to hear your opinions on USA once you get started in the classes. Good luck!
  4. by   BMS4
    Are you guys gonna use the online program or go into Mobile? Why do you think USA is a better program, Ashley? Just curious.
  5. by   Mr. L
    I'm going to be driving over there to school. Personally comparing USA to what is available for BSN in this area it is the best program. There is only one other BSN program available here that is at UWF and it is brand new (only admitting 30 students). From what I have been told UWF had a Nursing program years ago but lost it, don't know why. Are you in this area?
    thanks for the reply,
  6. by   BMS4
    Hi Larry, we moved from P'Cola in May, right after I graduated from PJC. The reason I asked is a few of those I graduated with are gonna be starting UWF and USA this coming year. I was just curious really. I miss being down there. So that's another reason I asked.
  7. by   ashse

    My UWF vs. USA opinion is based on something similar to what Larry said. They had a program but lost it and are now trying to get it going again but it is very chaotic. Not that PJC's program isn't. If you went through it, then surely you know what I'm talking about! The next class that starts will be using a whole new curriculum. I'm not sure if that's better for them or worse!
  8. by   BMS4
    Ashley, I understand. There were days that we weren't really sure what was happening and I understand that the classes behind ours had it worse than we did.

    I made some wonderful friends there. We all helped each other get through.

    When do ya'll finish?
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