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  1. Hi everyone! Not long after I posted this I got a letter in my mailbox. It was a letter from my school's financial aid office. As it turns out, I am not going to qualify for any grants or many other programs for the upcoming school year my last year. See During the 2001 tax year I only worked during the summer. So I did not make as much as I did in the past. In the past I had worked during the school year and made a lot more money which enabled me to say I am a independent student with a child. So I was able to qualify. Well, now that I did not make as much they want to look at my parent's income as well. I know once they do they will defintely change my status from independent student to dependent student. Which in all reality it is fair since I did not make as much for the 2001 tax year. My parents income will defintely exceed the maximum one can make to qualify for student financial help. So, that means I will take the job offer I got in the general hospital in the NICU so they can pay my school $15,000.00 in August in exchange for me working 10 hours a week and giving them a 2 year commitment after graduation. Now the way I was explained the deal of this program was I sign for a 2 year commitment. I will get a higher starting salary as a new grad compared to someone who did not take out the loan but wait a minute they will simply take the extra right back out for taxes. They will tax the $15,000.00 which will come out to something like $50.00 a check for 52 checks. Now, $2,600 in taxes sure beats paying back $15,000.00 plus interest any day.

    I have always had an interest in both NICU And peds and now that I know what peds is like now I will have the chance to see what the NICU is like.

    So, I am taking the job in the NICU for the summer working nights. OH, wish me luck I am so nervous about this whole night shift stuff. How will I ever stay awake? How will my body adjust to it? My body will even be more confused when I start school back up in August. Probably just when my body start semi-adjusting is when school will start back up.

    Well, thanks

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  3. by   babynursewannab
    Good luck, Tonya!

    As someone who has struggled in life and is still kicking butt chasing my dream, I say take it however you can get it!