Update, First Week of Clinicals!

  1. [font="comic sans ms"]to my amazement i had a great time. my clinical instructor is really nice and best of all the staff are more than helpful. i am at a rehabilitation center. my floor is a diverse group of patients. there are spinal cord injuries, taumatic brain injuries, ms, strokes, a women who choked on a piece of meat and was without oxygen, and more.... i was very suprised to learn that all of the bed side care is done by the cna's. i mean all- catheterizations, peg feedings, trach suctioning, digital stimulation to name a few. the techs are specially trained for all of the skills. no other hospitals around here allow for this type of care by cna's. as far as the nurses go all i have seen them do is give meds, chart and take midstream cath ua and that is all. (probably didn't call that by the right term) i have been following a cna, she is more more than happy to have the help. she lets me observe the skills and then walks me through them. she is so awsome. i did a peg feeding, dig stim, lift transfer on pt who has a severe tbi, bladder scan, and a few bed baths. i forgot, vitals on her patients. (i couldn't, for the life of me, hear the blood pressure on two of the patients, any tricks or does it come with practice?) i can't believe in such a short time i was able to practice so many skills. i am still kind of shocked at so much the cna's do. they are so very skilled and more than happy to teach.
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  3. by   luvmy2angels
    Glad to hear things went well. It's funny how different states laws can be. Where I live the CNA does the bed bath and mouth care, that is about all. The LPNs do trach care and suctioning, caths, just about everything!! I have worked as a CNA for 18 years so I will be SOOOOOOOOO happy to be finished with school!! Only 4 months to go! Good luck as you continue! Cinical is awsome!!
  4. by   starnik14
    Hey keep up the great observations What are you in clincals for? Are you doing your RN, Lpn or Cna? Thanks
  5. by   jadespirro
    This ia my Fundamentals semester....What is the Warn icon on the bottom of my post? Scary??????