Unsure Of Myself

  1. I'm taking psychology right now, just had my first really big unit test and received a "C". I'm very frustrated and not feeling very good about things right now. I also volunteer at the hospital where I will be going to school and hopefully working when I graduate. I volunteer on the outpatient/surgical unit, and don't feel very useful. I have been talking to the nurse that runs the employee health services in the hospital, and she thought that I might want to come done and help her out to see if I like down there instead. She also thought since I enjoy actually doing something not just burning time away, that it might me a nice change of pace. I guess that I was expecting to be more helpful on the outpatient floor than I actually was, sorry if I'm rambling on, just needed to share.

    Life is pretty rough on me right now. Husband is about ready to lose job(because of Sept 11), just sold my brand new car for a $5000 lose(because of Sept 11), I was in a car acceident 1 year ago this month, I have back problems because of it, my father in law has terminal cancer, and I'm to my limit on how much more I can take before I EXPLODE!!!

    Thankful that I have some where to go to share and to feel like I'm not alone. Thanks everyone!!
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  3. by   TCW
    Hi Rachel,
    Sorry to hear that you are not feeling very good about things right now. I think we all have those moments and sometimes they last longer than we'd like! I am feeling major stress right now because of school & work, but I feel I have no choice but to hang in there.

    You can always come here to vent though which is great about this board. Which hospital program will you be attending? I am in Pittsburgh as well...if you ever need to vent on a more personal level feel free to email me at tcwrn2b@aol.com.

  4. by   rachaelm4
    Thanks alot. School and work must be unbelievable! I keep hoping that all of this will pay off in the end, I guess that's what keeps many of us going..
  5. by   GPatty
    Tie a knot in the end of that rope and hang on! Life is very scary and unfair at times, and Satan tries to throw road blocks into everyones way. Just side step them and keep pushing ahead toward your goal You will make it! And no...you are not alone. This board is a great place to be...
    Let us know how things are going!
  6. by   micro

    :imbar I agree with above....hang on with all your might.........we are not in this life alone.........
    this is also a good place to vent, vent and vent..........

    As I have grown older, and used to think life would of course get easier.....no not always the case.......

    but it is just putting one foot in front of the other and saying hey...........doing what you got to do and not frettin the small stuff........

    I can't tell another person what is important and what is not.....that is for you to know.....but hey.........
    material possessions are just that..........

    a job is just a job.......(don't mean to sound cynical)......just a little perspective that age and life has taught me.......

    not that these things aren't important.....but here is what is import for me.....for anyone to read here on public forum.....

    2) my closet bud(no I don't mean beer)
    3) my family including my pets
    4) my work which I do value.....
    5) my friends that I have both old and new
    6) health
    7) the fact that I can laugh at life and myself...........

    could go on and on,

    so hang in there, take care of yourself, because without takin care of yourself, you cannot take care of others........and it is okay to have down days.........:kiss

  7. by   betts
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