Union or Non-union:Which facility would you prefer after graduation and why?

  1. Hello!

    I'm interested in hearing other students' and recent graduates' thoughts about choosing between a union and non-union facility.

    I would prefer a non-union workplace. I have never had a union job. I've only heard or read the experiences of those who have. Some experiences were good, some were bad. My main objection to a union workplace is the mediocrity I believe it creates. I think having everyone at seniority levels receiving the same amount of pay, same vacation entitlements, same raise percentages, etc... based solely on longevity would stamp out much of an employee's drive to go above and beyond what the job requires.

    Why should I go out of my way to resolve an issue if I will not be compensated for that extra effort? I'm still going to be paid what everybody else is being paid.

    I appreciate your participation in the poll and your willingness to share your thoughts.
  2. Poll: Union or Non-union? What's your preference?

    • I would only work in a union facilty

      28.57% 2
    • I would consider a union facility

      42.86% 3
    • I would never work in a union facility

      28.57% 2
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  4. by   StudentSandra
    I can't believe this is coming out of my mouth (fingers) but I think I would prefer a union facility. I wish it were a perfect world where unions are not needed to ENSURE SAFE STAFFING, put an end to MANDITORY overtime, and YES to make sure that SENIORITY counts for something.

    I know nurses that are taking care of 14 pts, nurses that after working their 12 hour shift are FORCED to stay 4 or more hours. This is why I think nurses will need to unionize, for the SAFETY of the patient, not for a couple dollars an hour (which most deserve).

    Most health care facilities are in it for the $$$, I see hospitals giving new nurses nearly the same amount of $ as someone with 10 years experience. I have seen new employees given contracts saying they don't have to work weekends or holidays, does this seem fair?

    It's happening all over the country, if it's not in your corner of the world yet, that's great, but believe me these conditions will reach you sooner or later.

    I hate that it is coming to this, I grew up in Chicago (many moons ago) and have never been fond of unions, actually thought I would NEVER work for one, but now..........
  5. by   delirium
    I would prefer a union facility, but I would work in non-union depending on the facility in question.
    I agree with Sandra, that it is beneficial to unionize for the safety of the patients as well as the health of the nurses.
    I work in a nonunion facility right now, and it is a hospital I would NEVER work at as a nurse. They are constantly faced with unsafe patient assignments, ineffectual leadership, mandatory OT, etc. And this is what I can see as an 'outsider', I'm sure there is much more to the story.
    The thing is, the nurses choose to stay at this hospital and they choose not to organize/unionize, and so essentially they are perpetuating the problem, in my opinion.
    So yes, I would prefer to work in a facility that was unionized for the obvious benefits... limited patient loads, seniority, safer conditions. However, my first choice facility actually isn't union, its a private hospital. I would like to work there because of the patient population, the environment of the hospital, the high risk clientele, and the general experience it would afford me. I tend to think that you stifle your opportunity as a nurse if you go into a small rural hospital serving a limited population as a new grad.
    Again, just my opinion.
  6. by   NurseExplorer
    Interesting thoughts! Thanks!