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Hello Everyone! I am interested in becoming a nurse and have my school picked out - only one block from home. My confusion is that I don't know what the difference is between LPN and RN. This school... Read More

  1. by   GraceyB
    Went to CNA orientation today, passed the test - reading comprehension, passed my interview, so I am in the CNA class! Doesn't start until April 28 but boy am I looking forward to it.

    Thank you all for your information, support and encouragement!
  2. by   LaVorneRN
    I wish you all mad blessings! I know your excitement! I graduated from nursing school in May of last year(RN) and it took me six years because I worked full time while doing it. I think walking across the stage was the most exhilarating feeling of accomplishment(next to my wedding day!) It was the hardest thing I have done but if I can do it you all can too. I was in a near fatal car wreck 2 weeks after grad. and my hubby and were hospitalized for 3 months(both broke most bones except right arm basically) so I have been at a stand still. I had to put off my boards till Feb.12,2003 and found out I passed on Valentine's Day. I got my license in the mail on March 5th and on the 6th had surgery to fix my broken arm(from the wreck last May) so I won't be able to work till the summer. The injuries have not taken away the joy of this accomplishment. I worked too hard for it. If you pray, work hard and make sure you have a great support system there's nothing you can't do!
    "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me!"
  3. by   tatianamik
    Originally posted by llg
    Because of their higher level of education, RN's are given more responsibility and make a lot more money.
    One of the RNs I work with used to be an LPN. She got tired of doing almost the same work as an RN (in her state she could do everything except IV pushs). She got tired of doing all the work without all the pay so she went back to school for her RN.