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  1. Here I am, starting semester 4/4 tomorrow, and I still have no idea what to do next. I keep waiting for an area of nursing to stand out to be the one in which I would like to make a career. I've rotated in pretty much all areas - Tele, Ortho/Neuro, L&D, Peds, Med/Surg, etc., and have enjoyed most of them (except Ortho/Neuro), but not to the point that I want to work there. I want to go on to an RN-BSN program, but want to work to get experience. I currently work as an LPN at an urgent care clinic, which I really enjoy, but there's no advancement and the pay is much less than I would make at a hospital. My concern is if I stay as an office nurse while I finish my BSN, I won't be as employable when I am finished. But, on the other hand, the hospital in my town puts on a front that it wants to assist nurses in getting their BSNs, but it better not interfere with their under-staffing. Anybody going through the same indecisiveness?
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  3. by   NeosynephRN
    Sure we are!!! I am graduating this May and I have some idea what I want to do...but no idea what I am getting into!! I will probably go for my BSN also...espically if I get my job at a certain hospital which is a University hospital and that school offers a one year...one day a week RN-BSN program that the Hospital will pay for. I really am not sure you will be less employable as you will still be working and gaining experience that whole time. Will the office where you work promote you to an RN or would you have to keep working as an LPN? I am starting to get my resume together now and I plan on sending it out in late Feb...you may want to just send out apps and interview at as many places as possible...that way if you get the chance to shadow a nurse you may find out what it is really all about and get a feel for what you really like!! GL!!
  4. by   *Andrea*
    Oh honey, I hear ya. I question all the time what I want to do. As of now, I want to do L&D, Mother/Baby, or Peds, but that's only AS OF NOW. I hear all the time that new grads should start in Med-Surg (which I hate), and I just seriously am confused. Maybe you can start out on a Med-Surg unit which will give you a basis of what overall nursing is like. Also, have you thought about nursing outside of the hospital setting like hospice or home health? I just took my community health class and what a great experience that was. I think it's a good idea to start in a general area such as med-surg and from there you will find your niche.