UNC Charlotte's RN-BSN bridge program?

  1. What are the prerequisites for being admitted into the program, and what courses should I be taking at the community college level? I plan on earning my associates at a local community college and need to know what specific courses I must take in addition to the curriculum courses. Please describe to me in detail UNCC's bridge program, and the approximate cost of it, thanks!
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  3. by   mpineda123
    Here is a direct link to all of your questions on UNC's website. It also has a section at the bottom of the page where you can enter your school's name and see if your credit will transfer.

    UNC CHARLOTTE School of Nursing RN-BSN requirements

    I currently am going to Carolinas College of Health Sciences owned by CMC and I love it. All of the classes required by CCHS transfer to UNC because they are in partnership. They also offer all of their students 80% loan forgiveness program if you work for them for two years after you graduate. Good Luck!
  4. by   Weber
    So you can actually transfer from Carolinas College of Health Sciences to UNC Charlotte for their RN-BSN bridge with just an associates from CCHS? Would I have to take additional classes, or is the class outline on CCHS's website exactly what I would need to take in order to transfer?

    P.S. Are you single, because it's so hard to meet single people in the Charlotte area?!
  5. by   mpineda123
    You do need to take some additional classes before starting the RN-BSN program like college chemistry and 2 semesters of a foreign language and a couple of other general ed courses. The good news is that the general ed courses you take to fulfill your ADN at CCHS will transfer to unc and count towards their general ed requirements. The nursing school advisors at UNC are really helpful and will tell you exactly what classes you need to be taking in addition to your ADN courses to be ready to jump into your BSN when you graduate. It is a really great BSN program. It is either all online or every Tuesday for 3 semesters. (after your prerequisites are finished.) Good Luck!!
  6. by   Shan25
    Did you go through the pre-nursing program at CCHS? I am starting there in August. I just want to talk to someone who has been through it before. I am trying to get a guaranteed nursing spot for next fall. I would like to know about the A&P classes as well as the Med Term and College Math. How tough are they?
  7. by   mpineda123
    I did not do the pre-nursing program there, I completed some of my gen ed classes in a different state, but if you don't have any classes complete yet I highly recommend it. Because I didn't do the pre-nursing I was put on the wait list for last fall with a 3.9 GPA. (I got in) I am very happy that I completed both A&Ps as well as college math because it helped out a ton with understanding Nur101. Most of the people in my 101 class who were trying to take them all at once failed. Nursing classes are busier than you could ever imagine. I took A&P 2 and college math there and the college math class was a VERY basic math starting with fractions and decimals. People say that A&P is tough but most people pass. Make sure to get all of your paper work into them (AND MAKE YOUR OWN COPIES!!!) and keep on admissions about your application status. They are very unorganized and most people have issues with them loosing their folder or being told their credit would transfer and didn't get it in writing then having admissions go back on their word. Even though the admission process can be a headache, the teachers are amazing and the opportunities you will have going to school at the hospital are priceless.

    contact me directly if you have any other questions Good luck with school!