1. Ok, I'm in my third week of my second semester of clinicals and am having trouble. I think I finally decided I'm going to do this whatever it takes, but now I'm wondering if it is out of my hands as far as not passing. My first peds test I only got a 76 (need a 75 ave. to pass). It was supposed to be the easiest test and I did better than that on all the tests last semester. Plus we have the first OB and pharm test tommorrow and I have'nt had a chance to study much at all because we have a 10 page paper due for peds by fri. and I know I'll be busy all week with work and school so I have to get most of it done today. I had a bad day at peds clinical fri too. We had our mid-term eval. and I got 3 U's! 2 for communication with patient and nurse and 1 for not being organized enough. Next week is our final eval. since we only have 4 days in peds. I heard through the grapevine the nurse was asking about me or something and I wonder if it was because I was suppposed to take vitals (which I did) right before the nurse report meeting. I knew it would take me at least 10 min. to chart it since I'm still not very fast at charting in the computer, so I thought I'd do it after the meeting so I would'nt be late. Well, I checked and she took the vitals and charted them. I also never actually got a report from my nurse or reported off because when I asked her something she kind of blew me off, so I asked another more experienced nurse and she helped me out. I also forgot to get the I&O readings, so I wonder if I'll get in trouble for that next week. Now I'm worried I'll work my butt off this week and still not pass next weeks final eval. It just seems I can't remember everything. Maybe my gf right and I need to see a doctor for short-term memory problems as I really have trouble with driving directions and getting places unless I take the same route 3-4 times...
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  3. by   SoulShine75
    You're just a student still learning. They can't expect you to know or remember every single thing. As far as vitals and I's and O's...those are extremely important to get. Make sure the next time you have clinical you come prepared and get the assessment done and charted. Tell your instructor if you fel you need help...that's what they're there for. Always keep her/him informed about your client and reason why you didn't get to certain things. This coming from you is better than from a floor nurse. Do your best, study hard..that's all you can do. Good luck to you. :spin: