Travel Nursing

  1. I am really interested in becoming a traveling nurse. I was just wondering if there was anyone who is a travel nurse that could share experiences with me. What is it like? Is it as exciting and glamorous as it sounds?

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    nursing school by day, bookseller by night. ;-)


  3. by   blueandred2921
    i am also interested in traveling nursing, I am with May on this one, I too would like hear some experiences. Thank You All

  4. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    Try browsing through some threads in the Travel Nurse Forum. You'll find lots of stuff there.
  5. by   blueandred2921
    i am too interested in becoming a traveling nurse, and would like to hear some of the experiences too.

  6. by   Bonny619
    I think you need to have some steady hospital experience before you can go into those contracts.
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    i am too interested in becoming a travel nurse. I did some research about it, and found i to be very interesting too. But I too would like to know the answer to May's question, about whether traveling nursing is really exciting.

  9. by   blueandred2921
    i am interested in becoming a travel nurse too. I did research about it, and it does sound interesting and exciting, but is it really? I too would like to know if it really is as it claims to be.

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    OHHHHHHHH my Gosh, i am sorry for the many posts, i thought they didn't go through, because a page showed up on my screen stating that there was an error, and didn't know that the reply post had already went through. So don't think i replied so many times on purpose. LOL

  11. by   Scrubz
    I've thought about it, but I think I'm going to go for my BSN after I get my ADN, then work for a while, then start applying to CRNA school. But I might travel for a year or so just to see what it's like.

    Anyway, I have a cousin that did it and she loved it. She pretty much got to pick her locaiton, and she had a lot of say in negotiating her hours (I think she'd have to work a certain number of hours but she got a lot of say on days worked, ect..). And traveling nurses get paid very well. She told me one time that she knew of a place offering a $250 per day bonus to work shifts because they needed nurses so bad, and that's not including regular hourly pay they got. So I guess if you're single and not tied down then travling nursing might be fun to do. But I'd say it would be smart to already have some experience before traveling.. I mean, you wouldn't want to come straight out of school and then travel 300 miles away for your first nursing job. But that's just me...

    Does that count as a story?