Transferring nursing credits from one ASN program to another? possible?

  1. I was accepted to an ASN program in my area, BUT next year I will be moving 2 hrs away to Lexington, Ky (after 1 year of nursing school!)

    I've been looking into colleges in that area and I've found a few (EKU, Bellarmine, UOL, UK, etc) UK won't accept transfer credits and I would have to start all over, the others I haven't contacted yet but according to their websites they DO accept nursing transfer students.

    So i'm wondering, has anyone ever tried to transfer nursing credits between college while still in an ASN program? or transfer them to a BSN program? (Also by the time i move i'll have 124 transfer credits which is considered a bachelors degree but i won't ACTUALLY have a bachelors in I don't know if i'd be able to do some of the Accelerated BSN programs...

    Anyone else have any experience in this?
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  3. by   passredskins1
    i have had friends who found it easier here in md to transfer AS nursing credits to a bachelors rather than another AS program....AS programs here are just too strict...seems like most want u to go through their own friend applied to a bunch of schools even though they said they will transfer credits...he found it easier to go the bachelor route......things might be different for you though...let me know how it turns out
  4. by   GamerGirL337
    Thats what it seems like...I've seen, even on a few schools websites that Fundamentals is the only class that MAY transfer...

    But EKU seems like a good choice...i just have to call....

    I just don't want to get TO far ahead of myself as i don't even START nursing school until september! But at the same time i'd like to have that load off and know that these credits will transfer when i move you know?