Transferring Colleges

  1. Hi I'll be attending Cal baptist University this fall of 2018 as a pre nursing major and will be taking pre-reqs priors to the nursing program , if I'm able to finish my pre reqs in one year will i be able to apply to other colleges or do i have to have 60 units and not just pre reqs?
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  3. by   darlingdt
    Hello! From my experience, nursing schools didn't really look at my other classes other than my pre requisites. The program I finished school at only looked at my pre-req GPA and didn't look at my other classes, which was such a waste because I could have just taken my pre-reqs. Hope this helps!
  4. by   whywait
    You should definitely be able to apply to other nursing programs. As long as, you meet their requirements (i.e GPA, prereqs, entrance exams, and etc).

    If you are thinking about transferring to other colleges; have you thought about attending other institutions?

    I do not mean to infringe; but, the reason I ask is because cal baptist is not a cheap institution to be doing prereqs at. You certainly can do them at CC's or cal states. If you qualify for financial aid you might be even able to take 12+ units for just $40 dollars or so.

    You also might need to save those federal loans later down the line when you actually apply for nursing programs