Took my 2nd test this morning...

  1. My second test was this morning.. and I just checked my grades.. 95!!! woo-hoo !!

    It was over sensory alterations, vital signs, and safety. I felt like I studied forever, but now I am thankful that it really paid off. So glad there weren't any of the "choose all that apply" questions on this test.. I suck majorly at those.

    I am so happy that I am doing well.. I worried about it pretty much all summer, because I have heard how hard it is. I know that we are just going over basic stuff now though and it will get much harder.

    I have a skills test on Wednesday.. and we start real clinicals with real people on Friday.. I am super exicted, but a little anxious to try out the things I have learned on real people.

    Hopefully I will pass the skills test. It is a group test, and there is one girl in our group that could potentially mess it up for all of us.. so I am keeping my fingers crossed!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Good job! Best of luck on your skills test.