Thought this was kinda cool

  1. My mom went to a job fair today and I guess somewhere in the course of the conversation she mentioned to one of the recruiters that she had a daughter who just started nursing school; well, to make a long story short the recruiter gave my mom a t-shirt to give to me and her business card and told her that it would be great if I began my nursing career with her facility.

    I've heard of people recruiting senior yr students, but I haven't even finished 1 semester of nursing school yet. I thought it was kinda cool and something to keep in mind for the future if I decide to remain in Pittsburgh.

    Well, let me go to bed now...I have clinicals in the morning.

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  3. by   Swiftee
    Wow, Tonya! That is cool! How lucky is that? Keep your options open once you graduate, but don't lose that card!
  4. by   TCW
    Yeah, I will definately be keeping my options open and holding unto that card!!

  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    it is good to know some of the choices, aren't there. great news and it is