this is the end.... my only friend, the end

  1. Alright everyone!
    Today is my last final. My final final lol. I am so stoked about school being over for a little while. So, as a gift to myself for maintaining my 4.0 (knock on wood.... this little exam today is worth 30% of my grade), I'm going out with my best nursing study bud for lunch after the test today. I might even drink a beer. Wooohooooooo.
    And I ordered myself a new stethoscope. My bookstore special just wasn't cutting it for me. I didn't realize it until I rotated to respiratory that there were so many adventitious lung sounds I wasn't hearing.
    So, my friend the medic recommended a paramedic type scope to me.. said it was a good amplifier and would work well. Wait until I see him again. I didn't like the scope at all, and I'm in the process of returning it. My sprague had better sound quality than that.
    So I bit the bullet and ordered myself a Littmann master cardiology scope complete with my name engraved on it. Here's hoping I never change my name lol. I'm really excited about getting it. The respiratory therapist had one and the sound quality was great. Its amazing the new electronic scopes available.... but I still can't see myself spending half a grand on a stethoscope. Not as a student, anyway. My first car was less than that.
    Anyway.... hope everyone's doing great, finishing up, looking forward to the holidays and a much deserved break.
    Take care all.
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