Thinking to Moving to FL Right After Graduation

  1. I am thinking to moving to Florida (South-Sunrise) right after graduation on may 2013, and I was wondering if anyone can tell me how hard is it for a new grads to find a job, I know it depends on how you do in interviews and your experience, etc. but I guess overall.
    I am finishing with and Associates, and plan to register to Western Governor's University to do the RN to BSN program, but I'm worry about finding a job now. I intend to sit and take the NCLEX there instead of doing it where I live, I guess that way I avoid the reciprocity process. I have read a lot of threads about this but haven't seen a recent one, it would be great if somebody gives me insight
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  3. by   classicdame
    you really cannot avoid the reciprocity process because the FL BON will require information from your school and, if they are not familiar with the program, your NCLEX date could be delayed while they discover what they need to know. Might be easier and cheaper to take test where you are and then get FL license next.
  4. by   pookyp
    I haven't heard anything negative about new grads having trouble finding jobs here. So far.
  5. by   dianelcky
    Have u ever considered relocating to Norway after ur graduation? trust me its worth it. U,ll lose maybe 1 year lerning norwegian but u,ll make the coolest of cash any nurse can dream of. Nursies are hot cake in norway but of course dey have to verify ur autorisation number. But as a new begynner without experience u can be sure for a minimun monthly wage of 10.000,00 us dollar

    CNA u guys are also welcome but bare in mind its a 3 year educational course with a minimum hourly wage of 35,00 to 40,00 us dollar.
  6. by   Leidy325
    classicdame thanks for that, I guess I have to find more info about the whole process to take the NCLEX, I thought I would just register to take it there no matter where you went to school, I wouldn't like to delay the date.
    I hope I can find a job within a reasonable time too