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Hello All - I really need your opinions on this because I wonder if my classmates and i are over-reacting or if we have legitimate concerns here. I am finishing up the first semester in a student... Read More

  1. by   KyPinkRN
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    Hello All - I really need your opinions on this because I wonder if my classmates and i are over-reacting or if we have legitimate concerns here. I am finishing up the first semester in a student RNcourse. We have a very knowledgeable instructor. My classmates and all agree that we have learned a whole lot from our clinical instructor. He is knowledgeable and (really challenges us to "think critically" and learn as much as we possibly can. Heres the rub: the instructor loves to ridicule and belittle students in front of peers, nurses and even clients. If someone makes a mistake or answers a question of his incorrectly, he dresses the student down and some of the other girls have been close to breaking down in tears because of this We have a fellow classmate who is struggling a bit (he is from a foreign country and has an extremely heavy accent). He berated this student and very sarcastically told him (in front of all his peers) that he (the instructor)and the class all concur that we feel he is struggling and he has a language issue and cant understand directions. I was mortified when this occurred. Earlier in the day, he cornered students and tested us on closing some safety syringes - 6 out of 10 students did this incorrectly. Now granted, this is a big issue and a legitimate concern, but this instructor yelled at us (once again, in front of peers) stating that if this ever occurred again, he would personally "drag" us by the arm to the dean to have us expelled. (Note this was a test, not something we did in the clinical). And finally, one student started to walk out of a patient room leaving a rail down (and i agree - a HUGE safety violation) well, when he yelled at this student, he actually grabbed her by the arms, stuck his face in hers while ranting about her. So - here we are, we have 4 clinical days left, and of course, we have already done our instructor evaluations. I agree, we as students all made some significant errors but am I out of line feeling that our instructor is totally overstepping his boundaries? I would welcome any and all opinions on the matter. Thank you all!!!!

    Wouldn't this be considered a FERPA violation?
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    Very inappropriate as well as culturally insensitive! Not a good role model any way you slice it. Can you find a way to communicate his behavior to those to whom he is accountable?

    Hearing this type of thing makes me soooooo thankful for my dear clinical instructor who is the picture of calm and controlled no matter how badly we mess up!!!
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    I luckily have had nothing but wonderful instructors. Kind, caring, compassionate and excellent examples to us all! However.. there was one clinical instructor in 1st semester who seemed to be in the business of "weeding". She would tear you down every chance she got. She really didn't appreciate that not everyone learns quickly and not everyone has a medical background. She picked one young man in particular (who happened to be foreign). She constantly picked on him and ultimately failed him and told him he could not be readmitted because she felt his teaching project was "unethical" (he taught a p.t how to change an ostomy bag.. it happened the pt. was in the medical profession but he had said he wanted to learn it so the student went ahead). Poor guy. People encouraged him to fight but he was so beaten down he left and gave up entirely. I can't stand people that think it's their business to make everyone else feel bad about themselves.
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    This irritates me to NO end. I also witnessed one instructor shaming and intimidating one of my classmates in front of God and everybody for supposedly being unprepared for Clinicals, before giving her a "U" and unceremoniously kicking her off the floor. The girl was so devastated that
    she quit school the same day. Constructive criticism is one thing, but purposely and publicly destroying someone's self-confidence is another.
    Good luck with your meeting and let us know the outcome.