The suckyness of your course

  1. How does your countries (states) nurse training system work? does yours suck the most? lets find out!

    First, an explaination of british nursing.

    We have untrained NA's (Nursing Auxilleries) who perfom simple tasks, bed baths, toileting, moving and handleing, feeding patients, all the old stuff that nurse claim they dont have time to do any more.

    Then we have RN's (Registered Nurses) who train for 3 years to be a nurse, and do all the stuff that doctors used to, essentialy, and the drug rounds and a LITTLE basic care.

    The lines of demarcation between the two vary from ward to ward.


    In britain if you want to be a nurse there are three routes to become a nurse, and essentialy, they all suck big donkey doodle.

    -You can be a Auxillery for a number of years and get 'seconded' onto the diploma scheme, 3 years, secondmant grant of about 20,000 american.

    -You can apply to the diploma course and get a bursery, a grant for 8,000 american (huge diffrence, no?) this is mostly school leavers who got less good grades or cant afford debt.

    -You can apply to the degree course and get accepted, you can then get a LOAN of $7,000 american to live on. it makes no diffrance other than your chances of getting the job, and maybe for highly accute areas.

    This is where it gets worse. to register as a nurse you have about 1800 (I think) hours of ward practice time. this equates for a non-seconded student to about $3.50 american per an hour.

    which is techniqely an illegaly low wage.

    The ward hours are supposed to be suppervised learning, in practice its cheap labour for an overstretched National Health service.

    Im a Student Nurse, Im scum and slave labour, Im not appreciated. Im going to the colonies when I qualify.
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    Im not even gonna answer that...


  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    bex, we have nursing assistants and certified nursing assistant they do mostly the same as your untrained na and depending on the state, may do more.

    we have the lpn (licensed practical nurse) who goes to school anywhere from 12 months up to 18 mos(maybe to 22 mos for some). depending on the state of residence, the lpn/lvn (which they are called in texas and california) do basic care, wound care treatment, pass medication, [most of the retrictions come with iv meds], and other tasks and skills...

    then there is the registered nurse [rn]

    adn rn usually one year of pre-reqs and 2 years of nursing course with clinical.

    adn rn if you are an lpn you can clep some nursing courses and get your degree in 3 semesters or more depending where you are.

    diploma rn [they are not as many these days] 3 years and some do get the pre-reqs, i do believe.

    bsn rn 4-5 year degree

    you may also enter a bsn rn program that may take anywhere from 14-18mos [there about] with a previous degree in another field.

    i think i covered it pretty much. [as it confuses me at time...lots of love]

    as for how we pay to earn our degree, some may get a federal grant, loans, scholarships etc., and there are many who pay out of their pockets without any assistance. various hospitals have contracts that nursing students may sign an agreement to work with a particular facility after school or some my opt to go to another facility and pay that money back on their own, if this is the terms of the contract, they maybe other ways too.

    confused, me too
  4. by   oilerfan
    hey my briton friend...Canada (your friendliest colony) is much the same but without the slave labour. we have NA's who do the same as you described, LPN's who now do old RN work with the exception of IV meds.
    Two options for RN's diploma exit or degree. Diploma is three years, while degree is four. the pay is slightly higher for a degree...1.50/hr.
    we are all maggots during school and everyone I know will end up 40-50 thousand bucks in debt by the end. Funny cause we all say we are moving to te UK when we are you apartments? Grass is always greener eh?
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    Originally posted by oilerfan
    hey my briton friend...Canada (your friendliest colony)
    And might I say most beautifull (is that a come on to your country? who knows?, is that even possible :kiss)

    Now, you see this LPN buisnes sounds like alot of common sense, it kinda brisges the gap that british nursing has...
  6. by   cakarol
    hello BritishStudent,

    Nice to hear from other students "around the world" so to speak. I am currently enrolled in an 18 month LPN progrm...the cost is about $2500 (american) but Im not even going to pay half of that due to all the grants and scholarships offered to my program. It is a wonderful program and the bargan of the year I'm convinced!!! I plan to further my education and become an RN one day ( the hospital I plan to work at is a teaching hospital so it is very fesable that work will be flixible with my school schedule)...but I am a single mother so doing this 18 month LPN program first, getting a little work experience and then picking classes up here and there towards my RN was the easiest route for me to take! Best of luck to you...