the good and bad

  1. This forum is the best thing I've come across for insight and support, but it is also the worst thing I've come across for aiding in anxiety. A lot of posts are about how how hard it is to get into nursing school even with stellar grades and experience, or how how hard nursing school is, or how hard it is to get a nursing job, and/or how how it is to be a nurse. After awhile, it sounds like the chances of becoming a nurse is like winning the lottery or becoming president of the united states. And even then, there's no saying things will go well.

    The reality can be harsh, but everyone, take it with a grain of salt! Things will turn out as they turn out, and maybe we won't get to be nurses because of all of the above, but maybe we will! You deal with what the cards throw you and suck it up. And with that said, I'm still going for my goal, because, hey, people don't become president by not trying :P
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  3. by   blueyesue
    I love this forum too!!! It is great for those who are contemplating a nursing career, those who are new to nursing, and the seasoned nurses.

    To me, any negative posts show the realities of nursing for those people, and probably for many a nurse. This helps people to not go into this career with a "pie in the sky" view of nursing. Those who go into nursing without understanding some of the negative and harsher aspects may be the ones who end up being disillusioned.

    I value the "negative" comments just as much as the positive.
  4. by   StayLost
    I felt the same way when I was finishing my prerequisite work-- i would read how difficult it is to get into NS & how impossible the curriculum is, and everyone is failing, and how awful their life is now they are in school...

    But I always remembered-- "Hey, there are lot's of RN's out there." Remember that! Nurses get accepted & graduate all the time. I just graduated from my program 3 days ago! and in my experience, everyone exaggerates just a bit. It's wasn't easy, but I think that NS was a very enjoyable experience. I loved being a nursing student.

    Good luck in your nursing career!