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  1. From what I have read on these boards, I am getting concerned that Nursing School may not be interested in preparing the students to sit the NCLEX exam and to be competent nurses. It sounds like most nursing instructors enjoy intimidation and power. My own interaction with the head of my program at group registration was awful and I am afraid that I am already marked as a difficult student due to having a small scheduling concern due to one class ending at 1:00 and another class beginning at 1:00. I have also contacted the department head in the past year while I was choosing what career path to take. I am terrified that passing nursing school will be impossible for me due to the subjective nature of the courses. I already have a science degree and I do very well in school. Unfortunately, from what I have been reading here, nursing school is a totally different animal. Grades based on how well you get along with others(instructors and classmates) instead of accurately and compassionately performing tasks and understanding concepts in order to pass the NCLEX exam. I am willing to work hard, be prompt and give nursing school my all. I also would like to learn how to deal with patients in a caring and non threatening way, but kissing up to instructors is not what I have in mind. Can I fail nursing school just because the head of the department finds me difficult? Isn't intelligence and competence more important then having the professors like you? Is the goal of most nursing school to turn out excellent nurses who can pass the NCLEX or how much you can make the students sweat?
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  3. by   Vsummer1
    ??? I am not sure where you got these impressions from, but let me tell you how it is at our school:

    1) clinical is pass fail -- the only clinical tests that go towards our theory grade are a medication quiz and a dosage calc. In this part of it, your instructor documents your performance and if it is consistently substandard, they will fail you. Otherwise, you will pass. A few mistakes are normal! But, your instructor will document why you are failing, they just don't arbitrarily say that they don't like you so you fail. Our program has mandatory counseling if you screw up, and then you have the opportunity to fix whatever problems the instructor sees in your progress -- not your personality!

    2) Several students had a scheduling problem which was talked over with the dean and they were allowed to leave class early. No problem. Perhaps you didn't approach the dean at an appropriate time if you had problems? None of our students have a problem with this -- it is the school's fault for scheduling required classes at the wrong times, not the student's for having to take them!

    3) ASK your department about their graduates NCLEX pass rate. I did, and of course they beat around the bush a bit stating "it depends on the class. average is 90%, but we have had classes as low as 80% and as high as 100%" Yes, they do teach the entire program based on the basics you need to be a new nurse. And that is what the NCLEX tests you on, the basics.

    YOU WILL DO FINE with your great attitude!
  4. by   GPatty
    My instructors were awesome. They were understanding and compassionate to one and all.
    The only "power trip" I had to deal with was one substitute instructor who thought she was a god. Not! But she didn't stop me from learning all I could from the other teachers.....
    Hang in there and do your'll be fine.
  5. by   emily_mom
    Once again, I agree with Val. Our school adequately prepares us for the real world. Our tests are geared toward NCLEX style, where there may be three right answers and you have to pick the best. Sure, they make us sweat, but that will make us better nurses under pressure.

    Don't judge the actual nursing school by all of the administration crap that we go through. I have had tons of probs with that and scheduling, but it has no impact on how the program is.

    Labs and checkoffs are based on a pass/fail system. If you correctly perform the procedure (to their standards, not your own or where you work), you get passed. If you are worried about instructors not passing you b/c they don't like you, then maybe you are at the wrong school. Is this a problem where you go? Our instructors are very fair. Peer checkoffs are only on the simple things, like bed making (not how to straight cath someone).

    You will be fine. Just relax. You have no idea what you're getting into until you're in it. Just b/c someone feels that an instructor was difficult doesn't mean you will. Go into each class with a positive attitude and instructors will appreciate it.

    Instructors talk amongst themselves, so if you have a problem with one, they may all find out. I found this to be true with a girl I was tutoring. Somehow all the instructors knew who I was tutoring and would say things. Just get on their good side (volunteer, stay after to help clean up, don't talk in class, and don't screw around) and you will be fine.