The Best PDA

  1. I have to purchase one for school, can anyone suggest which is the best one to buy.
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  3. by   hospitalstaph
    I love my Palm TX. I have added numerous programs and have not even come close to running out of space. Nursing Central is very good. I also really like being able to turn the screen sideways while looking at a table or graph.

    I would recommed getting a very good soft case though. I like Fortte cases. Once you get it all loaded up with software you want it protected incase you drop it. I also recommend using a password on it so it is less likely to "walk off" if you sit it down.

    Hope this helps!

  4. by   dansamy
    I'm in love with my Treo 650. The 700 is out now too. Combining the phone and PDA into one device meant I only had to keep track of one gadget.
  5. by   S.T.A.C.E.Y
    I got a Dell Axim x51v. I really like it. Haven't had a great use for it as of yet. But I did get it new 1/2 price on E-Bay. Definitely worth looking there for a good deal.

    Have you tried the PDA & Nursing Forum. Lots of threads there on this topic.
  6. by   SA2BDOCTOR
    Thank you for responses. I will definitely check the PDA forum out.
  7. by   fishchick72
    I just got a Palm TX for Christmas & I love it!!!