Thanks, however the problem is....

  1. The school I will be attending has my transcripts. What they need is the course syllabus describing in detail what those particular nursing classes covered. That I suppose they have to give me, but I will have to go through the nursing department and since the class is so old it is no longer what they are using as their current syllabus. After thinking about it longer I have decided that it probably is in my best interest to take the nursing courses over again since I know in my heart that I do not remember most of it and I think that it will jeopardize my grades in subsequent nursing classes. The lady just had no need to be so condescending that is all.

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  3. by   kittykash
    Some people can be real PIA's, if you know what I mean. She was just afraid that she might actually have to do some "work" to come up with that old syllabus! You'll do much better learning the 2nd time around--it's a proven fact. And you'll probably recall some stuff when the instructors are going over it that you thought you had forgotten but it was there--your brain just needed to be jiggled a bit . Good luck.
  4. by   BrandyBSN
    You already learned it, now you just get to review it

    I think taking them a second time would be your best bet, but the program should have the old course catalogs on file, and the secretary gets PAID to find it.

    Do whatever you think is best for you, and have the best of luck!