Thank you, all!

  1. thank you for the birthday wishes! that really meant a lot to me!

    this is my first morning back to work. i have been in the hospital for the last couple of days. i suffer from tmj migraines, and i am constantly trying new drug regimens to control the frequency & intensity. well, this last one did not agree with me at all! i am taking neurontin 3x day, which seems to be working. however, we changed my pain & nausea medication to stadol & compazine. to say the very least, something went wrong! i took one compazine, and about 30 minutes later, it hit! the dizziness, lightheadness, swollen tongue and inability to get a deep breath was very scary!

    i am now back at home and at work, still a little woozy, but making it. i am still taking the neurontin & stadol, but now they have added pamelor & phenergen. hopefully, this will help!

    hoping everyone has a happy & safe halloween!
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