Texas Tech 2nd degree RN program

  1. Hello!
    I was wondering if anyone is in or has applied for the Texas Tech 2nd degree web based program. I have applied for Spring admission, and now I am nervous about how time consuming and hard it will be. I have 2 young kids, and I'm wondering exactly how much of my time the program will take. If you are in the program, can you tell me how many hours a week you are in clinicals, and how much time you spend studying?

    I would greatly appreciate any info!

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  3. by   taffy48
    Did you get in? Can you tell me how it is? I have three elementary school aged children. Can I do this? I was thinking of applying for the spring. Are you in Austin?
  4. by   ok2bme
    Hi! I am not in the program, but I just graduated from there with a non-nursing degree in May '08. I am now in another Accelerated BSN program and it is a complete mess, total chaos at the expense of our grades. The only reason I didn't apply to Texas Tech's ABSN is because the heavy online component scared me. I regret not giving it a shot though. Texas Tech is an old school and it is very fair and efficient, in my experience. Good luck with whatever you decide!