Texas - Apply to more than one? Which ones?

  1. When I do apply, I was planning on just applying at CCCCD, which is where I am going now for my pre-reqs. BUT I have been reading some of these threads and a lot of people are applying at multiple schools to make sure they get in somewhere. I don't know all of the schools around here b/c I am fairly new to Texas. Where all should I apply???:uhoh21:
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  3. by   jla623
    CCCCD? That is Colin County right?? I would apply to all of the other community colleges around here and I don't know if you already have an associates yet (or most of your lower level coures), but if so then I would apply to Baylor, UTA, and TWU also. They all have different pre-reqs though unfortunately. The community colleges around here are CCCCD, Tarrant County, Brookhaven/Mountainview, El Centro/Northlake, and NCTC...but NCTC is kind of far. It's in Gainesville (past Denton) I believe.

    Am I missing any??

    I think if you applied to Brookhaven/Mountainview, you would have to take Intro to Chem as a prereq in addition to your CCCD classes, and for El Centro/Northlake you would have to take HPRS.

    It's hard to break everything down and tell you exactly what you need for each one because they are all SO different. I would just check out all of the websites for the schools.