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  1. Here we go!! I have a term paper that is going to be due in my concepts class. It has to have something to do with nursing ethics and I have chosen Addictions in the Nursing Profession. This paper, like all term papers, must have valid research. Does anyone have any ideas of how to approach this? I think this is a very important subject that needs to be addressed at the school level.

    Thanks all (again!)

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  3. by   craff1
    I agree, good thinking. I've been in recovery for 7 years and I know a couple of nurses. Addiction does not respect education level, or socioeconimic status. It can affect anyone, nurses and doctors included. I'm only a student now, so I don't know how much help I can be to you, but if you want any info about AA drop me an email on yahoo. Good luck. ( You should consider posting your finished paper for others to read here or on the main nursing discussion.)
  4. by   Cardiolo

    Do you have access via computer to your school library, and if so, does the library allow you to access its nursing journals online? If you answered yes and yes, here is an idea for you. Use your selected search terms to find articles, any articles. Skim through a few to get an idea of a "way to approach" your subject from the authors ideas. Then, search for more articles relating to your selected specific approach/idea/strategy, whatever works, and your off and running! Hope this helps
  5. by   essarge
    Thank you. I have a computer here at home and also have access to CINAHL at the library. I want this paper to not just be a "term paper" but, also have some impact on those that read it.

    Craff, I did email you. Thank you!!!