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  1. Ok Listen to this everyone.. right now Im taking Nursing 101 and Mental Health.. Our mental health teacher asked us to do a Care plan for a women that has been diagnosed with have Chronic schizophrenia.... She gives us all the details that we need. But I still dont know what to do.. I go to the teacher and tell her I dont know the first steps in doing a care plan... She says to me and the rest of the class that we should know this because OUR nursing 101 teacher should have taught this.. she goes on to say " I know she taught it so you should know it!"

    Now my Nursing 101 teacher is a sweet little old lady that has her BSN and has been a nurse for about 30years.. But she doesnt know how to teach. Her way of teaching is telling us to read the book.. IF you ask her ??? she just sit there and stare at you.... She never showed us what steps to take and how to do a care plan... all I know is Assessment Diagnoses, planning, implementation and evulation... I know those words but I dont know the first steps to take or what to do to create a care plan.. I know it sounds sad but its the truth... What ever I know I learned on my own...
    What should I do??? I had to learn the math dosage problems on my own also .. She couldnt give me a clear understanding of how to go about to solve certain problems...
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    Don't be surprised about the math part. From my experience, most people learn that on their own with the practice books out there.

    As for the care plan. Talk to your mental health teacher aside from class and explain to her the situation in the same way you did here. Just tell her that your 101 prof didn't really go over it and hasn't been able to clarify it to you in a way that you are understanding the process. Most professors will help out.

    Good luck.
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    Is the rest of your class having the same problem? If so, then you should say something to your mental health teacher as a group. That will give you, as an individual, some protection. It won't look as if it was only you that didn't learn the material while everybody else did.

  6. by   KathleenC
    Now my Nursing 101 teacher is a sweet little old lady that has her BSN and has been a nurse for about 30years..
    Uhh, just how old is this "sweet little old lady"? Your description (BSN, nurse for 30 years) sounds like me and I'm NOT a sweet little old lady :chuckle
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    if this is a problem that the whole class is having w/Nursing 101 instructor- it might be a good idea to go up the chain of command and get the problem fixed. it may not necessarily immediately resolve any problems you are having now but it may change somethings for future students. and who knows- it may help you guys out somehow too. good luck!
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    Thanks for the web sites I had not idea all this information was out there and that there is a book I can buy! Thanks a lot
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    Glad to be of help
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    OK...care plans.....we weren't really taught much about care plans either...my clinical instructor said to me that she actually enjoyed reading my care plans...they aren't that difficult to master...you need to figure out how the patient could react to the medical dx of Chronic schizophrenia...nursing dx are what are possible pt reactions to the medical dx...perhaps it might be personal identity disturbed, hopelessness, chronic confusion etc....then you want to say "as evidenced by" and then say what the pt. has done to lead to you giving a nursing dx as chronic confusion for example. When doing outcomes (goals) you want them to be measureable and within a time frame....
    We are using Marilynn Doenges Nursing Care Plans ...6th ed. and I also got out Lynda Juall Carpenito's NUrsing Care plans and Documentation 2nd Ed. (This is my clinical instructor's favorite care plan author...she told me)....
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    Hi My clinical instructor told me that they really dont use care plans on the hospital floors. but I would need to know them for the Nclex.. but then after that I probably would never see them again...