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gosh, i don't mean to be a big whiney baby, you guys.....but i got my td booster monday morning and i have not felt well since then. i have felt really bogged down and nauseous. my whole arm is... Read More

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    Quote from Truly_Blessed
    :chuckle are you really that scared? I guess none of us are helping the situation any by crying about it. I heard it's not the same for everybody. I just think I happen to be one of the ppl that is having a severe reaction, and wasn't prepared for it.
    :chuckle Well you have to remember that my last memory of a booster was when I was in gr 6. All the pain you speak of makes me a little nervous yes.

    I hate needles. I don't mind IVs but any other kind? Nope. Wierd huh?