Survived my first day, how did yours go?

  1. well i survived my first day of Nursing school, to tell you the truth i had a blast. i have a great very cool patient down to earth instructor so i know that my beginning nursing skills and knowledge will be a great experience. We did math for half the day and Nursing theory for the other half. In the math we reviewed conversions, metric, apothecary(which sucks btw, i hate it) and practiced a lot. She had a test bank and gave us all the problems so we could get it down before th test in a few weeks that we can only miss one on. i feel very very confident about the math, people reading this if you are afraid of the math, don't be its not that hard just find a way t solve dosage calcs and review conversions and equivalents, and practice all you can. Then for the rest of the day we had Nursing lecture and I learned all about Florence Nightingale, and the Knights of St Lazarus, and i really liked Martha Rodgers view points about how humans have a dynamic energy field, it was just very interesting talking about all the nursing theorists and pioneers. I found out that some of our lecture will actually be like labs which i find a bit odd, but next week we get to learn a Physical EXAM, woo hoo i cant wait to start learning nursing skills. Friday i have actual lab which probably will be an orientation of the lab and some general basic basic skills like hand washing. Hope you all had as much fun as i did. If you care to share your stories that would be awesome!!!

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  3. by   Megsd
    My first day was long, but fun. My first class was pathophysiology from 9-12. We dove right in and learned about blood disorders, autosomal and chromosome disorders. I have heard bad things about this professor, but so far she's not that bad. Then from 12-2 was a break, where I ate lunch with classmates, shared life stories, and exchanged contact info. From 2-6 was assessment class, where we learned about conducting interviews and doing histories and cultural assessments. My assessment professor is great and assured us she's not out to fail us, and that in 5 years only one person has ever failed the physical exam competency at the end of the quarter.

    I got home at 6, listened to patho lectures again to supplement my notes, and talked to my folks on the phone about my first day. Looking forward to tomorrow, which is a short day (class from 8-12).